Uwg? Is it racist?


I am looking into rushing next fall. I have looked and researched west ga soroities. I have noticed most women are white. I am mixed with black and white. I am lighter than most mixed girls and have more white features than black. Does anyone know if the soroities are a bit racist when it comes to recruitment?

Posted By: Scared
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I'm mixed and just went through recruitment, and I found my home. Everyone at UWG is pretty accepting!

By: Mixed
by: Scared Aug 26, 2015 8:14:26 PM

It looked like only sigma kappa and alpha xi delta only accept colored people. I saw no one colored in pi mu kappa delta or tri delta

By: Scared
by: WolfieJul 10, 2019 7:42:25 PM

There is no Tri-Delta anymore

By: Wolfie
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Sororities aren't supposed to be. Although, I would be lying if I said Panhellenic isn't predominantly white. However, I know for a fact Delta Zeta, AXiD and Sigma Kappa have girls that are other races than just white. Just go wherever you feel most at home where you can be yourself! Best of luck! :)

By: Panhellenic
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I know this is an old question however I need to address it because I have had an awful day :D

I rushed because my plan was to have the full college experience! I really like my sisters and we have many people of color in my sorority.

What I've noticed overall is that UWG makes very strange policies that seem to affect minority men and women as a whole more so than non-minority students... Like I have no idea what "Minority Student Affairs" is... It is as if UWG wants to be forward thinking yet that thinking is in a painfully backwards way.

To be honest Greek Life isn't really all that it's made out to be, we have fun but there are several requirements that are specific to just us...

Also it seems like you're kinda internalizing racism with your question, which means that you may have some prejudiced thinking:
"I am lighter than most mixed girls and have more white features than black,"
So do you think that black features are somehow undesirable, or that you looking more like one race is better than looking more like the other? How interesting of you :)

"Does anyone know if the soroities are a bit racist when it comes to recruitment?"
Some sororities market themselves to specific individuals, this doesn't mean that they are racist or prejudiced... however your thinking is... You should address that before you try to pledge because you may become one of those individuals who give us, and our school a bad name.

By: Flora
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They’re racist, but they keep it low key. Stay woke. Just be yourself and go in with an open mind

By: Wolfie

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