tri-delt is on probation & 25 members gone


SO I just read this in the OCT 2nd, 2019 Red and Black
DDD is on National Probation for alcohol related activities on Bid Day. READ IT. 25 Girls are kicked out of the sorority and if they are in the House have to be gone by the end of the semester. Sounds like they consider it some kind of alcohol hazing type activity.

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yep, that sounds similar to what I read about tridelt. It happens and it sounds like it's coming from the nationals. It probably is most disturbing for the 25 girls getting kicked out and their friends. I'm sure it is embarrassing but could happen to other sororities if they aren't careful.

By: yep

do you not have anything better to do than come on here and post about stuff that doesn't involve you

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Hey uga news involves all students. The only people that care are the 25 girls and their parents. It's not like they are TKE or something. No one really cares and people will forget about it soon because people will go back to bashing other sororities. I have tridelt friends. They will all get over it and shake it off.

By: alldawgs
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This is all so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: facts
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Nope I have nothing better to do than bash DDD forever.

By: Owl heaven

I'm surprised it hasn't happened to more sororities. People shouldn't think too much about it cause it can happen to others.

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Did the person who made the snapchat get kicked out of the sorority too??

By: sororitytycatty

As the roommate of a member of this sorority, the “hazing” that went on was totally blown out of proportion and a crude joke was posted to snapchat portraying the events as hazing, when in reality girls were told multiple multiple times they DID NOT have to drink and alcohol was only there if they wanted to partake. Tri Delt’s definition of hazing is very broad and includes any sort of providing alcohol to younger members that could be construed as an intimidation tactic (which it was not). Please stop making this a bigger deal than it actually is and take pity on the girls who were wrongfully terminated.

By: ugh

Feel badly for their recent pledge class....”bigs” kicked out. NO socials or mixers this year. Nationals looking over their shoulders....
They should allow them to depledge and rerush with no penalty.

Delta Delta Deltas is DONE, DONE, DONE

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this is FALSE. they still have a full social calendar as well as date nights and formals.

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as a friend of many tri delta that are so heart broken over this, don't start saying false things about the situation. Tri delt still has the same social calendar its always had. Other sororities need to stop acting like they don't partake in all the same things

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What is UGA going to do? Other fraternities (theta chi) were suspended. How is tri delt going to survive at uga unless Greek life is using one standard for fraternities and one for sororities?

By: Uga

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Theta Chi was dealt with by UGA. Tri-Delta was dealt with by their HQ - You are talking oranges and apples. I sure wish people knew the difference between school policy and HQ policy and how they are adjudicated differently by both entities.

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I wonder if DDD will be able to take new girls to replace the ones that had to leave. I'm interested. I would think they need the money to replace the payments of 25 people.

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That's not how this is going to work. They can only take up to Chapter Total, whatever that is, not necessarily replace 25 members. Besides, their nationals is crawling all over them at this point and not going to let them take new members because look what they did with the ones they just got. Until the chapter gets 'educated' they are on hold.

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People will move on, but you can't expect to hide your hazing and probation issues.

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Tri delt is going to be different for the next several years with so many girls gone. No one wants to be a part of that mess.

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Ok Tri-Delt

1.) Stop using “all sororities do this” as some kind of excuse because not all sororities do. I’m pretty sure a lot of sororities enforce a dry bid day rule. And the sororities that don’t enforce a dry bid day don’t all end up in these situations. Many have dry bid day options. Saying everyone does it doesn’t fix your problem and shows you are all avoiding responsibility.

2.) I would be thankful that all you lost was 25 members with a slap on the wrist.

3.) Freshman girls especially are incredibly vulnerable after the long emotional rush process. Imagine being in a room with a bunch of older girls asking if you want to drink. Intimidation? I would say so. Especially if they felt like they would look “lame” if they didn’t drink.

4.) Who in their right mind videos anything like this? Even if “all other sororities” do this like you’re claiming at least they aren’t adding it to their snap stories.

5.) Humble yourself. Take responsibility. Stop making excuses. Nobody is going to pity you in this situation. Learn from your own mistakes, stop telling others to learn from them.

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Tri Delt sucks and keep in mind none of the girls who got kicked out were legal drinking age. They were told to give the pledges alcohol if they wanted it. The people who really should be going down here are the DDD president, the chapter advisor, the new member educator, Standards and the rush chair. They told pc 18 to give alcohol and they also had an illegal party on pref night where the president who is over 21 got alcohol for PC 18 who were all 19. What kind of president fails so hard at leading but gets to stay and sacrifices girls she was to lead.

By: Panda pal
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you don’t follow any sorority snapchats if you think that. Ask the zeta sister who sent the screen screenshot story to DDD HQ.

By: Crowned

Do not pledge DDD if you value sisterhood.

By: KAppakey

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