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Ok Tri-Delt 1.) Stop using “all sororities do this” as some kind of excuse because not all sororities do. I’m pretty sure a lot of sororities enforce a dry bid day rule. And the sororities that don’t enforce a dry bid day don’t all end up in these situations. Many have dry bid day options. Saying everyone does it doesn’t fix your problem and shows you are all avoiding responsibility. 2.) I would be thankful that all you lost was 25 members with a slap on the wrist. 3.) Freshman girls especially are incredibly vulnerable after the long emotional rush process. Imagine being in a room with a bunch of older girls asking if you want to drink. Intimidation? I would say so. Especially if they felt like they would look “lame” if they didn’t drink. 4.) Who in their right mind videos anything like this? Even if “all other sororities” do this like you’re claiming at least they aren’t adding it to their snap stories. 5.) Humble yourself. Take responsibility. Stop making excuses. Nobody is going to pity you in this situation. Learn from your own mistakes, stop telling others to learn from them.
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