will there be more sororities going on campus?

by: Maybe UMD

I am thinking of going to UMD, and I want to join a national Panhellenic sorority. Will there be more sororities going on campus? I'm sure the two that are there are great, but I was just wondering if a new one will come one soon.

Posted By: Maybe UMD
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#1  by: UMD   

We just got AST so its unlikely that we will get another NPC sorority soon

#2  by: you're right   

All the sororities that are here are great. I hope you found a home!

By: you're right
#3  by: ya know   

I don't see it happening soon. That said, there are loads of clubs on campus. Also, the 2 sororities here, really are awesome.

By: ya know

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