sorority rankings beginning of semester

by: ranks

top: zta, axo, dg
upper mid: dz, kappa, pi phi, chi o
lower mid: kd, theta, gphi, tridelt
lowest: adpi, aopi

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#11  by: Facts   


By: Facts
#12  by: Uhhh   

Switch DZ and DG

By: Uhhh
#13  by: Well   

DZ and AXO are both on here all the time. Many of us never would have gone either one of those.

By: Well
#14  by: himothy   

can't rank kappa and chi o high when they don't show up to anything nor have good relations anymore

By: himothy
#15  by: Greekgirl    

Most accurate rank on here

By: Greekgirl
#16  by: best   

this ranking is always the same

By: best
#17  by: This   

Move AXO down to upper mid and this is the true rankings! DG though is hanging by a thread to their top spot.

By: This
#18  by: someone w sense    

wrong… look at where they put kappa chi o and dz.. you’re trippin

By: someone w sense
by: Not trippinFeb 23, 2023 12:33:36 PM

Well they sure aren’t lower mid or bottom!

By: Not trippin

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