what happens at spring rush? is it worth it?

by: help me

I’m curious what exactly happens during the spring rush. I went through formal recruitment this fall and unfortunately was dropped after round two. Is it true that they won’t reconsider a girl they dropped? I had an excellent GPA and graduated top of my class. Is it worth it to try again?

Posted By: help me
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#1  by: Typically   

you were dropped by all houses after round two? typically some houses would only reconsider if someone had low grades that they significantly improved but it may be unlikely the houses will

By: Typically
#2  by: uhh   

most girls don’t get dropped especially after round two so there was probably a reason they all dropped you

By: uhh
#3  by: dang   

ouch. yea I think it's time to give up on Greek life, no offense. sounds like u were blacklisted for some reason. I'm sorry :(

By: dang
#4  by: try again    

I was cut from fall rush and got in a house during spring rush. It’s rare but it can happen and it’s worth it if it does!

By: try again
#5  by: worth it   

Sometimes girls slip through the cracks or get overwhelmed and don't do well the first time. Now that you have experienced reruitment first hand you have a chance to do a little better during spring with how you present yourself. Your GPA isn't going to get you a bid, it's your personality and appearance and if you made friends in sororities this semester. Plus, your college GPA will factor in at this point as well. Do it, keep an open mind, and good luck.

By: worth it
#6  by: Blacklisted    

Hi, you were prob/ most definitely blacklisted for something you did in high school that didn’t sit right with most sororities. Also, your gpa won’t get you into a house, it’s your personality. I would try spring rush tho just to see what could happen.

By: Blacklisted
#7  by: frat king   

don't waste your time. It's clear that there is no interest.

By: frat king
#8  by: Ouch    

DZ, DG, PHI MU, and APHI will definitely not take you but prib ADPI, THETA or ZETA

By: Ouch
by: KJan 26, 2020 11:41:06 AM

Why not aphi?

By: K
by: WellJan 27, 2020 11:38:44 AM

aphi doesn’t reconsider girls that were already dropped, much like the majority of other houses

By: Well
by: MhmFeb 22, 2020 2:49:29 AM

Aphi definitely reconsiders girls even if they blacklisted you.. just gotta have money

By: Mhm
#9  by: Blacklisted??   

Probably because you were blacklisted. Also aphi is one of the better ones so I doubt they would take you, if they did I’d be astonished! Hope things work out :)

By: Blacklisted??

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