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👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 Alpha Gam and AOII stepping up their IG presence and transparency.

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#1  by: Pike   

Imagine being an adult and typing this out

By: Pike
#2  by: Break down of greek life   

Imagine doing formal recruitment and getting only 10-20 new members

By: Break down of greek life
#3  by: MICH   

It’s a shame, but these two groups are DOOMED. They’re so awkward they end up rushing girls like themselves—poor self image, lack of conversational skills, girls who have been cut from every other group, grade risks and girls who just don’t care about the way the present themselves.

They DO offer homes for this type of girls, but they’ll never grow as chapters without branching out.

GOOD LUCK to them though!

by: ???Jan 21, 2023 5:03:22 PM

AGD had a great Fall recruitment. What the hell are you talking about?
Grade risks? What?

Get a grip. Your bitter is showing.

By: ???
by: FactsFeb 3, 2023 3:37:41 PM

Get your facts straight. These reports are available on the Panhell page.

Spring 2021 Grade Reports (average house GPA/# members reported):

1. PiPhi 3.75/91
2. Aphi 3.73/77
3. Aopi 3.68/108
4. XO 3.67/112
5. AXO 3.67/101
5. AGD 3.67/78
5. PM 3.67/82
9. DG 3.64/57
10. KKG 3.63/97
11. Gphi 3.63/111
12. KAT 3.58/69

I did not include the houses that don't participate in formal recruitment.

By: Facts
by: FactsFeb 3, 2023 4:15:34 PM

FYI- 2022 grade reports aren't on the Greek website.

By: Facts
#4  by: No more ruined anything!   

Have a really great, safe holiday! WW3 nigs want to ruin everyone and everything!:

Every: TekashiFloyd
Single: NigEyesChinese
Time: ZelenskyWeinsteinCreep

By: No more ruined anything!

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