how hard to get a bid to du?

by: Kelley18

I think DU is an up and coming house and it is one that I am very interested in joining. How hard is it to get a bid there? Does anyone know if they plan on continuing to live in their current house? Its really nice.

Posted By: Kelley18
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#1  by: haha   

wear your cargo shorts and you can get a bid the moment you walk through the door

By: haha
by: hahahMar 12, 2014 2:03:29 PM

dont forget the new balances

By: hahah
#2  by: sorority   

DU is increasingly becoming a better and better house with who they recruit. Their recent pledge class is really good and i know a lot guys in the house and they said recruitment will be nothing like it has been in the past. Good luck and do NOT wear cargos. ((:

By: sorority
#3  by: sororityty gal   

DU is definitely keeping their house (it is nice). Hot freshman and sophomores. Moving up!

By: sororityty gal
#4  by: Relax du   

Lol at all the du's rating the self everywhere on this site. I'll admit I know a few cool freshman but they are a historically bad house otherwise

By: Relax du
by: hahaMar 12, 2014 1:44:19 AM

DU sucks getting a big is easy

By: haha
#5  by: reality   

Seriously DU, you're ranked 7th on this website above Beta, Delts, ATO, there's no way that's possible without incessant self-ranking. That combined with you guys popping up in every thread is really making you guys look pathetic...

I get that half of the fraternities are on social probation, and you see this as an opportunity to finally solidify a spot in the middle tier, but that isn't going to happen by talking yourself up on a website

By: reality
#6  by: well   

delta oops i got a bid. The nickname says it all

By: well

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