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Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity chapter comments at University of Central Florida - UCF

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#1  by: YITB   

(referring to comment left by "bottom feeders")Dude, just because someone says they are a teke on your fraternities page. Doesn't mean they are a TKE. We get thrown into the fire a bit and it's not uncommon for someone to pretend to be a teke and then be a jerk on someone's page. I only know about 2 brothers who even read the sh^t on here. We all know the rankings on here are dumb and the comments are even dumber.

If you are a TKE and your posting on greek rank stop. This site is dumb and pointless. If you want to compete against other fraternities then refer the Declaration of Principles.


#2  by: U suck   

Can't go greek go teke

By: U suck
#3  by: Andrew   

I love being the center of some posts down there. I assume they are related, but I don't know any ATO's and I don't think any ATO's know who I am so it is pretty confusing. I suppose you could know about my terrible sense of style but my terrible humor? You'd have to know me a little for that.

By: Andrew
#4  by: ...   

most of them are great guys but there are a few that bring the entire frat down. and those guys should come with warning labels.

By: ...
#5  by: Bahaha   

they rank themselves because greekrank is the only thing they have. what jokes

By: Bahaha
by: realNov 30, 2022 9:34:53 PM

years later and nothings changed

By: real
#6  by: jjeff   

70 members at a commuter school like UCF. All U haters just go away and get a life. TKE rules

By: jjeff
#7  by: Okay buddy   

Actually UCF is a commuter school. Just because you are one of the largest in the country does not change the fact that it's a commuter school. A for effort though!

By: Okay buddy
#8  by: bystolic   

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By: bystolic
#9  by: An old TEKE from UT   

My dad and uncle were Pikes but my cousin and I are TEKEs from the same campus but 30 some years later. When asked how to decide on which fraternal organization to join I have told my son and anyone else that asks the following answer.

The fact that they are considering joining shows that they have character and already must have some leadership qualities. Fraternal organizations pretty much have the same theme running through them, love, honor, charity, etc... so it really boils down to selecting a group that at that moment and location in time works for you.

By: An old TEKE from UT
#10  by: An old TEKE from UT   

You will find that what ever fraternal organization you join will subscribe to the same core set of values contained in their national charter from chapter to chapter. Do not however expect that the chapter you join at your campus will be the same at other campuses or that it will remain the same for eternity. Just as the strength of a schools football team changes as Seniors graduate so do chapters.

By: An old TEKE from UT

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