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Kappa Sigs are By: Kappa Sig   Last Post:

racist is they don’t take responsibility. If you accept...Read More

By: Kappa Sig   Last Post:

Started: Mar 28, 2023 3:32:36 PM
ΚΑΘ Competition Winners By: Love It   Last Post:

Κappa Alpha Theta’s Comp Overall Frat Winner: ΑΤΩ - Alpha Tau...Read More

By: Love It   Last Post:

Started: Mar 29, 2023 9:06:17 PM
UCF Frat & Srat Comps Won (Fall ‘22/Spring ‘23) By: Comps   Last Post:

- - - Current Frat Philanthropy Comp Winners (2022-2023) Theta Chi...Read More

By: Comps   Last Post:

Started: Mar 29, 2023 9:37:00 PM
pi phi arrested By: ok   Last Post:

idk why people keep saying “it’s not true blah blah...Read More

By: ok   Last Post:

Started: Sep 10, 2019 7:22:51 AM
Sorority Chapter Values By: pan love   Last Post:

we are more alike than we are different. we all...Read More

By: pan love   Last Post:

Started: Mar 29, 2023 6:42:29 PM
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Are we posting past arrests and suspensions? By: Wow   Last Post:

There are plenty of arrests & suspensions and past hazing...Read More

By: Wow   Last Post:

Started: Mar 29, 2023 8:02:08 PM
Beef on Greek street By: Duel chair   Last Post:

Haven’t seen any challenges for duels in awhile whats going...Read More

By: Duel chair   Last Post:

Started: Mar 29, 2023 6:37:09 PM
ΚD Shakedown - Standings & Winners By: Information   Last Post:

ΚD Shakedown - Standings & Winners Dodgeball Tournament Winners: Frat: ΘΧ...Read More

By: Information   Last Post:

Started: Mar 29, 2023 11:27:40 AM
UCF Sororities & Fraternities - Class, Respect, Reps By: Reputations   Last Post:

• Sororities Mostly Classy: ΚΔ, ΚΑΘ, ΧΩ, ΑΕΦ, ΚΚΓ, ΔΖ, ΓΦΒ Mostly...Read More

By: Reputations   Last Post:

Started: Mar 28, 2023 4:41:56 PM
UCF Fraternity & Sorority Relations - Fall 2023 By: Frats   Last Post:

- (Top) ΘΧ - Theta Chi- ΚΔ, ΖΤΑ, ΑΔΠ, ΔΔΔ, ΠΒΦ ΣΧ -...Read More

By: Frats   Last Post:

Started: Mar 24, 2023 7:02:24 AM
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