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youre obviously not in a top frat

By: comment below
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you are obviously a clueless geed goobster

By: below
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about aphi, they're boring and stuck up. pi phi and g phi are where it's at

By: who cares
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Truthfully, I am not in a top fraternity but I have a lot of friends who are and am up to date with Arizona Greeklife. These are the houses you want to rush to have a good college experience.
<br>Sigma Chi and Delta Chi are good too and hang out with hot girls but Sig Chi doesn't have much of a pledge semester and Delta Chi has crazy parties and a crazy pledge semester but they got kicked off campus. Everyone knows this is true. Have a good rush bros

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100% accurate

By: @Rush
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D Chi isn't kicked off... that would require them losing their charter, nationals wants them there and they own their house and land... there not going anywhere and are having rush just a FYI. only difference is they dont follow IFC rules anymore

By: @rush
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dchi might be worth considering if you dont mind not being able to have events. if your serious about joining a fraternity, fiji, pike, sae are all the real deal but seem out of touch with the rest of greek life. pi kapp, beta, aepi is for anyone who wants a more fun less pressured experience.

By: rush
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no.... lol beta aepi? u kidding

By: ahhh
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The rush before the one that was last posted is 100 % accurate.

By: Truth
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no dudes should use this sight dont even look at the chicks side... top 4 is always fiji sae dchi pikapp youl see for yourself when u look around dont fall for anyone else....^^ pro tip of the year

By: lol

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