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by: Moral values

1: Kappa Kappa Gamma- most kindhearted

2: Pi Phi- egalitarian and not snobbish

3: Theta- classy but snobbish

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#1  by: Stigmas don’t help   

It’s great to hear your opinion! But stigmas of sororities don’t help. All three are great influences in the Princeton community and provide different and unique outlets for any girl who wants to go through recruitment to join.

By: Stigmas don’t help
#2  by: normalperson   

pi phi girls r cool and hot

theta girls were kinda nerdy in high school but now trying to be social

absolutely no idea wtf kappa kappa gamma is

By: normalperson
#3  by: Duh   

Alright krappa, you can’t get decent members and this desperate attempt at being relevant is cringy. Kkg can’t even get along with each other…kindhearted?! How old are you? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

By: Duh
#4  by: to be clear   

hell is a cage filled with sorority girls

By: to be clear

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