tiers are not real among princeton sororities.

by: Tiers are not real

There are no such thing as tiers among Princeton sororities as each is unique and adds its own flavor to the Princeton Greek Community.

Theta likes acting noble and classy and elite

Kappa likes being kind, non judgmental, and humble

Pi Phi like being energetic and perky\n\n\n\n\nAll three sororities are thus special and beautiful in their own unique ways.

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#1  by: yeahno   

Yes they are. Those aren’t it.

By: yeahno
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yikes haha, are you a part of greek life?
Top Tier: Pi phi — known for being popular, pretty, rich
Middle Tier: Theta — known for being sororityty in the most basic sense, friendly in general, petty and catty when it comes to competition (probably an inferiority complex) even within their own sorority
Botton Tier: Kappa — really friendly and sweet girls, on the more socially awkward side

By: lol

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