What are the reps of each fraternity at Princeton?

by: greekrank

what types of people are in each one / which ones are the most active

Posted By: greekrank
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#1  by: lol   

no frats here bro. there’s eating clubs instead

By: lol
#2  by: J   

There are frats here, about 10-12 of them but they're fairly secretive. You've gotta know someone to get tapped for most of them. They each feed into different eating clubs and have their own stereotypes.

By: J
by: urmomMay 27, 2022 12:02:40 AM

u dont need to get tapped. they mostly all host open rush for dudes soph fall. The only "real" ones at all are Zete, KA, SAE, APES, Chi Phi.

By: urmom
by: HelloMay 27, 2022 12:08:12 AM

Zete is defintely the cloutiest.

apes and chi phi incredibly beat

By: Hello
#3  by: tiger20   

Probably the two "best" are KA & Zete - KA feeds into Cottage and Zete is mostly in Ivy with some Cottage. Different vibes between the two but they compete with each other for guys each year. Generally split athletes doing frats.

The other ones (APES, Chi Phi, SAE) pull from different pools versus KA & Zete and are in Ivy + TI.

By: tiger20

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