princeton sucks

by: Harvard Crimson

You guys are so irrelevant its sad. How does it feel to be attending the wanna-be Harvard school. There would be no ivy league without us baby. We the people of the best institution of this world have better parties, better academics, and the best girls in the ivy league. Our exclusive final clubs are 100x better than your eating clubs, seems to me thats all ya guys do. Goldman Sachs will take the 2.0 from Harvard over a Princeton 4.0 brah.

PSA:We will show this again on Saturday when we take a dump over Yale.

Posted By: Harvard Crimson
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#1  by: wtf is a harvard?   

Sad when you're this bitter over no longer being number one in the nation... enjoy your egotistical mysogonistic social life there! I see no need for further arguments, anyone with sense knows who is better here.

By: wtf is a harvard?
#2  by: Swimming in cash   

What pleases me is that all you ivy-league toddlers, who are supposedly the brightest minds in the world, play stupid games with each other over something as ridiculous as who goes to what school. Shouldn’t you be curing diseases or something, with all that cognitive power? I didn’t even go to college and do quite well for myself. It’s not 7 figures, but my small business generates $500k yearly take-home profit and I’m quite proud of it.

By: Swimming in cash
by: HeyApr 16, 2019 2:36:41 AM


By: Hey

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