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Is it true we might get a new sorority?

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#1  by: Honest   

I hope so.

By: Honest
#2  by: Isabella   

There are suppose to be getting a Delta Gamma by I think next year or the year after. I know this my friend transferred from Iowa and wanted her sorority at UNI.

By: Isabella
by: Huh?Nov 11, 2015 1:10:05 PM

This doesn't make sense. It's bc your friend wanted it? Lol there's actually a process to this whole thing.

By: Huh?
#3  by: Isabella   

Correction it is a Delta Zeta

By: Isabella
#4  by: Sororitygirl2k14   

Yes. Panhellenic is looking into and starting the process of expansion.

By: Sororitygirl2k14
#5  by: News   

Any updates?

By: News
#6  by: Update   

Yes we are adding to our greek community in the next year. They have not decided on a specific sorority or fraternity. The potential houses will be coming this spring and doing presentations and from there they decide what houses they are going to add in. They haven't released any names of houses yet, but the presentations are open for all sorority and fraternity members to attend. So as members of greek life, we can attend the presentations and get a better idea of what house we would like to see on UNI next formal recruitment. However the final decision is not up to us. :)

By: Update
by: !Feb 27, 2016 12:29:56 AM

so exciting!

By: !
#7  by: Yes!   

Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Tau, and Alpha Sigma Alpha will present March 21-23

By: Yes!
#8  by: FratStar   

Panel want's Alpha Sigma Tau and extended a bid to them

By: FratStar
#9  by: Greek Expansion   

Any idea what fraternities are presenting?

By: Greek Expansion
#10  by: pol   

Pi lambda phi is coming to campus this Fall!

By: pol

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