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by: Titan

Does anyone know why zta and adpi did not post about recruitment this semester? Are they not doing recruitment or do you have to message them to find out the information? Is it too late to message one of them?

Posted By: Titan
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#1  by: hi   

probably because they didn't have many bids to hand out but I believe every chapter held recruitment this semester. i know adpi did for sure at least. it's most likely too late now since bids will be sent out tomorrow.

By: hi
#2  by: ^^^   

pretty much what they said. zta and adpi received more pnms than the other sororities last semester meaning they don’t need to do an open recruitment.

By: ^^^
#3  by: QGW9V2DB8BS6QRJWXF www.bing.com   

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By: QGW9V2DB8BS6QRJWXF www.bing.com
#4  by: Willard   


By: Willard
#5  by: QGWR4FG9RU5QAAJWXF www.yahoo.com   

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By: QGWR4FG9RU5QAAJWXF www.yahoo.com

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