Do y’all care about the community’s image at all???

by: embarrassed

We’re in a fourth wave, ICUs are totally overrun, and Greeks are out at parties every week. I don’t care if y’all are vaccinated or not, I don’t care if these are private events and not organized by one of our chapters—none of those things are obvious from your Instagram stories. There are restrictions in place, and every time you decide to ignore them, our collective image is tarnished. We struggled enough with this last year so I thought people would have learned, but apparently not.

Smarten up and consider the message this is sending to potential members and the community at large. We won’t last on this campus much longer if y’all keep acting selfishly and showing the university that we’re a liability.

Posted By: embarrassed
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#1  by: Yes   

I honestly agree with this, and I know from an insider source that the university has begun to take notice. This topic has be brought up with the student union, and it was not a positive conversation. And I mean this in the nicest way possible, because I know most of you guys are good people but: there is a reason that out of 38K students, only about 300-400 are in greeklife. The general imagine is not a good one and stuff like this only contributes.

By: Yes
by: jNov 23, 2021 6:57:48 PM

It's ultimately not the Uni's business what individual members decide to do if it's not a sanctioned event. Entertaining the SU or the Uni's opinion to control the behaviour of individual members through sanctions is what is going to end Greek life. It's obvious that there are issues involving the comfort, safety, and well-being of people on our campus in many ways, but allowing representatives from the school to scapegoat us is abhorrent considering the issues in their own student residences. Setting that precedent is what is going to end Greek life.

By: j

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