What happened to Tri-Delta?

by: Tri detla

Does anyone know what happened to the delta delta delta chapter at the UOA? Like I heard it was the fifth sorority but was shut down a while ago. I've heard rumors that it was shut down way back in the 1950s because they initiated a black women when they weren't allowed to, but I've also heard it was in the 2000s because of low membership. Does anyone know what really happened?

Posted By: Tri detla
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#1  by: Mmmmm   

I’m pretty sure it was because of low membership! I think their international might have pulled the u of a chapter because they weren’t reaching the member numbers their international expected

By: Mmmmm
by: I seeJan 25, 2021 12:31:43 PM

Do you know when it shut down?

By: I see
by: yr local greek historianFeb 25, 2021 7:18:50 AM

They announced closure in February 1959 according to an old edition of the Gateway.

“A decreasing interest, on the part of women students, in joining sororities on this campus, in spite of a steadily increasing enrolment, seems to be indicated,” said Miss MacKenzie. “This past year only 87 of a total of 470 new women students chose to join sororities, and this was a decrease from last year. In addition, the development of the University at Calgary will inevitably increase the difficulty, even now being experienced by the sororities, of maintaining their houses.”
In view of this apparent trend Tri Delta is closing its chapter and considers that Panhellenic will be stronger on this campus with only three sororities.”

Ironically enough, the following Fall, the three remaining Panhellenic sororities wanted a new chapter to open because of a strong initial interest in recruitment and not enough space in the community—145 rushed, 79 pledged, and 40 were left unmatched, also according to the Gateway.

By: yr local greek historian
#2  by: Cool!   

That's really interesting! I see you mentioned 3 sororities wanted another, which was the fourth of the current chapters that opened?

By: Cool!
#3  by: AGD   

It was alpha gamma delta!

#4  by: Fun fact   

There also used to be a frat called Phi Kappa Pi back in the day.

By: Fun fact

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