Why is everyone dropping AGD

by: What is happening?

Okay so I don't have anything against AGD, (some of the girls seem great!) but why are soooo many girls dropping them? Like over 10 girls have dropped, and they are already recruiting again despite taking 20 girls just a few months ago. It just seems so weird considering the other sororities have only had one or two girls leave. Does anyone know what's happening in AGD???

Posted By: What is happening?
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#1  by: Its a mess   

I'm in AGD and I'm thinking of leaving too. The dues are really high and all we do is have zoom meetings. I don't even know where all the money is going to. Whenever I ask they just say internationals or to the chapter but idk what that even means. There are alot of cliques in AGD and nothing like they seemed during recruitment. I really like some of the girls but idk if it's worth it anymore.

By: Its a mess

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