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Like the sororities, all the frats have merit and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. If you compare them in each category individually they are all at the top/bottom in different aspects:
Looks: 1) DU, 2) Phi Delt, 3) Pike, 4) D Chi, 5) K Sig, 6) Theta Chi, 7) Lammie, 8) Fiji, 9) Zeta Psi, 10) FH
Popularity: 1) Fiji, 2) Lammie, 3) Pike, 4) K Sig, 5) Theta Chi, 6) DU, 7) Phi Delt, 8) D Chi, 9) Zeta Psi, 10) FH
Classiness: 1) Theta Chi, 2) D Chi, 3) Pike, 4) Phi Delt, 5) FH, 6) Fiji, 7) DU, 8) Lammie, 9) Zeta Psi, 10) K Sig
Involvement: 1) Fiji, 2) Pike, 3) Lammie, 4) K Sig, 5) DU, 6) Theta Chi, 7) D Chi, 8) Phi Delt, 9) Zeta Psi, 10) FH
Social Life: 1) Lammie, 2) Fiji, 3) Zeta Psi, 4) Pike, 5) DU, 6) D Chi, 7) K Sig, 8) Theta Chi, 9) Phi Delt, 10) FH
Brotherhood: 1) FH, 2) K Sig, 3) Theta Chi, 4) D Chi, 5) Zeta Psi, 6) Lammie, 7) DU, 8) Pike, 9) Phi Delt, 10) Fiji

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#1  by: DP   

Was DKE ranked 1 on all of these scales?

By: DP
by: busnezAug 18, 2015 2:24:12 PM

Naw they'd be near the top in looks, social life, and popularity.
Middle for involvement
Near the bottom for classiness and brotherhood

By: busnez
by: LettersSep 19, 2015 2:00:27 PM

I would say that ya DKE falls middle of the pack for a lot of these aspects what I do have to give them is they have a good social aspect to their fraternity and would be a great choice for anyone who is looking to get wild every weekend!!!

By: Letters
by: xOct 14, 2016 3:17:39 PM

No, DKE was shut down for many years due to the extreme hazing they engage in. Because no one wants them here, for a long time they literally just didn't exist.

By: x

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