let's expand.

by: More Greeks

More sororities and fraternities needed.

We want: Delta Zeta, AOPi, Kappa Alpha Theta

Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi and Theta Xi.

Posted By: More Greeks
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#1  by: Yes!   

Kappa, Pi Phi, and Alpha Phi too. Very selective at the schools they colonize, more so than AOPi or DZ to be honest.

By: Yes!
by: HeyNov 11, 2019 9:39:55 PM

AOPi and DZ are bottom sororities most everywhere.

Kappa and APHi would be great additions. They are strong nationwide. PiPhi would be good here, too.

By: Hey
#2  by: Yes!   

And spot on with the fraternities, though I don't know much about Theta Xi. The other two...absolutely

By: Yes!
by: ❤️Apr 26, 2020 9:53:13 PM

theta chi😻

By: ❤️
#3  by: Really?   

Where would another fraternity build their house? The frat houses are already too large for the size of the school and sororities dont even have houses. You probably wont see other sororities running at the opportunity.

By: Really?
#4  by: SAE   

There used to an SAE chapter at southwestern way back when.

#5  by: ❤️   

Honestly the schools so small there’s not really room for more chapters. Love me some theta chi though! Would love to see them represented here!

By: ❤️

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