double standard

by: Hmm

how did pi phi and chi o girls get out of quarantine to go to a party last weekend?????

Posted By: Hmm
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#1  by: Good Question   

It was the party that caused the problem. Pi Phi senior’s birthday party. Different rules for different people.

By: Good Question
#2  by: valpoyaf   

The kung flu is a liberal hoax, remember?

By: valpoyaf
by: HoaxFeb 23, 2021 9:12:26 AM

This has nothing to do with it being a hoax or not. The fact is we have rules in place, whether we agree with them or not and the school has now made an exception which has quarantined 3 houses. Either have rules or don’t.

By: Hoax
#3  by: Hunny   

Sorry sweaty but the rules don't apply if you're hot that's the tea sis

By: Hunny
#4  by: lol   

You have to play in the Big Leagues sister!

By: lol

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