Great recruitment

by: Outta

Another recruitment is behind us and all the pnms were smart, amazing, beautiful and talented women. Regardless of “ranks” great job to all the sororities, we all did so well! To the ladies who are on here questioning the ranks...they are dumb. Just remember it only takes one very active strong pledge class to change everything for a house. We are all great sororities at Valpo!

Posted By: Outta
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#1  by: Help   

How do you drop? And if I drop before I get initiated can I rush next year? I don’t understand how things work but I didn’t end up in a group that matches my personality. Also, there are a lot of rumors about how some of us got screwed because the sorority I got a bid from was able to give more bids than others ???? And the sorority I wanted actually did “snap bids” (whatever that is) to girls after the first party?? Help!

By: Help
#2  by: Active   

You have to drop before initiation, but you should trust the process. There is no guarantee if you drop, that you will get picked differently on the next round. All the houses are great and you will find people that you connect with. The houses have different personalities and maybe you just haven’t met them yet. Talk to your president, pledge ed or recruitment person about how you are feeling.
The amount of bids given is based on the amount of girls that match back based on prior rate of return. So Chi O and Pi Phi traditionally are allowed to offer less bids because most girls who are offered a bid accept them. AGD is new so they will be allowed to offer more. The sorority that offered you a bid saw something in you, keep that in mind. All the houses are great in their own way!

By: Active
by: noJun 17, 2021 7:01:16 PM

Get out of the house if you are unhappy. Don't accept sloppy seconds. If you love Pi Phi and Chi O see what happens if you think that they liked you but you were too far down on their list. Get familiar with the sorority that you want before you initiate into one where you will be miserable.

By: no
#3  by: SMH   

spoken like a true loser! WE are ALL great, especially when Kappa is writing this as the WORST sorority on campus. Leftovers at the buffet of recruitment. Face it, there are established, desirable chapters and then there's ......others.

by: ummJun 30, 2021 11:39:26 PM

WTF?? I don’t see any reason to call Kappa objectively bad and they definitely are not the worst sorority

By: umm

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