i went through recruitment and wanted chi o. they dropped me even though i have great grades and i think i’m pretty. So i stayed in and “trusted the process” and ended up joining a house that other girls said was better than chi o. it has cliques, i don’t like a lot of the girls and i feel like i don’t fit in. Should i drop before initiation and try again in the fall? if i go through initiation and it doesn’t get better i won’t be able to quit then.

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I think it’s inportant to be honest with yourself. You don’t want to spend years and money on something you do not enjoy. If you decide to drop before initiation then you would be able to join another sorority come fall recruitment (in any sorority participates, no all sororities do). But if you go through initiation and then decide to drop, you just have to wait a year, so you could try again next January. I think you should talk to the president of your current sorority. It’s always hard to jump into a group and few right at home, I think people hype up the whole warm and fuzzy feeling, it doesn’t always happen right away for every girl. Know that feeling connected may take time and work, you could be going through growing pains and those will pass with time. Just some things to think about!

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I don't think you can join another sorority if you go through initiation. You accepted a bid so you have to wait a year now to re rush. But if you do initiation, you can't join another one. I say it's most important to give your sorority a true shot and if you still don't like it, drop before initiation and re rush, a lot of girs do it!

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let me guess... you joined pi phi?

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If you are initiated into an NPC sorority, you will not be able to be initiated into another NPC sorority. Because you accepted a bid, you will not be eligible to go through recruitment until primary recruitment next year! If you really are not happy, do not go through with initiation.

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If you decide that the sorority you pledged is not for you after you’ve given it an honest chance, you can depledge. You can then go through the rush process all over again next year. Once you are initiated, and choose to drop, you will never be able to pledge another sorority.

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