sweetheart predictions?

by: $$$

with formals coming up who are frat and srat sweetheart predictions ?

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#1  by: sweethearts   

LS kkg for sig and RB kkg purple princess

By: sweethearts
by: TrueMar 20, 2023 6:28:14 PM

LS got sig

By: True
#2  by: hehe   

anyone know who phi delt choosing??

By: hehe
by: ProbsMar 7, 2023 12:39:56 AM

MR for sure

By: Probs
by: HahaMar 7, 2023 1:03:02 PM

A kappa

By: Haha
by: whoMar 7, 2023 4:39:43 PM

who is mr? what srat?

By: who
by: pdt Mar 12, 2023 4:29:16 PM


By: pdt
#3  by: Ughhh   

- Phi delt Will be a kappa
- Sig might be adpi or kappa
- I feel like alpha delt might pick DG or something really random cause their relations have been all over the place this year
- Beta will be a random girl in Gphi or AGD who came around to their parties like twice? They’re closer to geedd like NB who get snubbed
- does psi u do sweetheart? Anyways I see aphi or AGD for that
- DKE will most likely go for an ADPI. Yea they hang with aphi a lot but the close relationship they have with some ADPI’s outdoes the KKGs
- Ksig stars will be a mix of like a geed or two, a random girl in a top tier and like a mix
- aepi will be an Aoii if they don’t pick one of their random girlfriends for the 7th year in a row

By: Ughhh
by: yoMar 8, 2023 12:48:25 AM

dke doesn’t do sweethearts

By: yo
by: LolMar 8, 2023 1:05:16 AM

Last year everyone thought phi delt was gonna be a kappa and it wasn’t lmao

By: Lol
by: lol Mar 9, 2023 4:04:47 PM

dke doesnt have a sweetheart lol

By: lol
by: BruhMar 10, 2023 6:10:30 PM

Aepi would probs have better sorority relations if they picked a sweetheart that wasn’t just the girl who happens to lurk cause she’s with one of the guys. Beta does the same thing, it’s always let’s pick the girl who’s gone to one party and is hooking up with us or we’re dating them rather than actual sweethearts. Anyways DKE doesn’t do sweetheart btw

By: Bruh
by: Aepi?Mar 12, 2023 8:12:23 PM

^ NAH BRO AEPI has TONS of girls in AOPI, Theta, DG and AGD who’ve been around for YEARSSS💀 like chicks who probably should have been sweetheart years ago. So it sucks to say that they’re probs gonna pick RG….a geed

By: Aepi?
by: 67Mar 19, 2023 12:56:56 AM

AGD? DG? They only has relations with dg cause of their last sweetheart? I doubt AEPI would pick an AGD as sweetheart, there’s only like five AGD’s who show up to their events and they only started caring about frats other than beta and psi u like…this year. 100%

By: 67
by: .Mar 19, 2023 3:41:20 PM

Most I’ve seen AEPI be discussed on GR💀 but It’s finna go to a DG, geed, or I guess an AOPI chick. AGD brings up too much drama at their events tbh

By: .
by: lurkinMar 23, 2023 12:08:21 AM

LA for alpha delt's for sure

By: lurkin
by: Right?Mar 23, 2023 6:58:31 PM

You guys realize aepi is probably aware of AGD’s recent behaviour at some events. It’s not a secret that they’d been caught talking abt gr rumours and bringing up ppls business at multiple frat/sorority events in the past few months cause sororities have been talking? I’m sure they already know this stuff

By: Right?
by: $Mar 23, 2023 10:02:07 PM

^ bro

By: $
#4  by: DG   

LA for phi delt and dke

By: DG
by: dgMar 8, 2023 2:56:47 AM

which srat?

By: dg
by: LmaoooMar 8, 2023 11:07:55 AM

She been ran through 🤣

By: Lmaooo
by: RB from dkeMar 18, 2023 4:20:51 PM

I apologize for saying you’re ran through. I just really want you to sleep with me again. I miss you. Please answer my dms. I am desperate.

By: RB from dke
#5  by: Lol   

MR for Pdt

By: Lol
by: hahahMar 10, 2023 9:29:30 PM


By: hahah
#6  by: Yes!   

JB Sig and CM dke would be cute sweethearts together ❤️

By: Yes!
#7  by: Tru    

Who’s betas new sweetheart?

By: Tru
by: YesMar 12, 2023 8:15:50 PM

A girl with no self respect most likely an extremely down bad female who gets turned on by associating with high alert predators featured on “how to catch a predator”

By: Yes
by: BYEMar 12, 2023 8:52:10 PM

^ nah the comments trolling beta are always funny af y’all don’t hold back wtf😭

by: sweetie Mar 12, 2023 9:46:29 PM

AP a GDI dating SG

By: sweetie
by: …Mar 12, 2023 9:47:13 PM

I thought it was JB Gphi or GR kkg ??

By: …
by: JMar 13, 2023 1:26:18 AM


By: J
by: Hater Mar 16, 2023 3:29:09 AM

^ betas sweetheart is NOT IN A SORORITY! It’s SG’s GF who’s been good with the guys for some time. Stop naming random girls and strats. Sorry GPHI and ADPI! Leaching on all the problematic frats to try and get special treatment didn’t work out for y’all! Maybe try and fix ur relations with top frats

By: Hater
by: LmaoMar 17, 2023 4:15:10 PM

It’s not ap, it’s AS ADPI

By: Lmao
by: Standard ADPI Mar 19, 2023 3:36:50 PM

^ stop begging for attention ADPI. THEY DONT WANT YOU AND THEY DONT GAF ABT YALL💀💀 You can go on betas instagram page and see the posts with brothers and their new sweetheart. You can easily go on their individual IG and see pics at their formal with their new sweetheart holding her certificate. Trying to lie about ur members being sweetheart for another frat isn’t a great look girlies

By: Standard ADPI
by: ^^Mar 21, 2023 1:43:51 PM

Yawn. Oh look ur still posting on here after being doxxed. How long have u been at this now? Two years? U posted all Christmas break. U have a great life. U know ubc Greek life is a joke right? Basically anyone that rushes can join there is no competition. Look at DGs instagram…. It looks like an incest survivors convention. Bunch of yellow gooks trying to act white.

By: ^^
by: UhMar 23, 2023 7:01:59 PM

^ you post on every thread every day bro get a life. If someone got doxxed they wouldn’t keep posting and if u doxxed someone or knew someone’s info you’d post it here. Either way clearly the doxxing doesn’t work so ur just complaining that ppl aren’t scared of u and begging them to notice you? Ur the same person who tried to hunt down ppl who exposed that ADPI had mandatory exchanges so we can all tell which sorority ur in….

By: Uh
#8  by: ?   

Who got theta sweetheart ?

By: ?
by: God dammmitMar 13, 2023 10:42:00 PM

Literally the worst guy ever… good speech tho

By: God dammmit
#9  by: Lol   

RB kkg for sig

By: Lol
#10  by: kkg    

MT in kkg deserves it more than MR

By: kkg
by: noMar 13, 2023 7:42:48 PM

this is just proof kappa runs gr

By: no
by: pdt Mar 19, 2023 6:46:59 PM

she doesn’t even do anything

By: pdt
by: Bye Mar 19, 2023 8:22:57 PM

Girl has the personality of amazons Alexa

By: Bye
by: pdtMar 20, 2023 2:27:58 AM

Whoever it is is better than Pdt current sweetheart lmao

By: pdt
by: Sig Mar 20, 2023 5:52:45 PM

AN was and still is highly respected by most people, can’t say the same for MR

By: Sig

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