let's bring a new sorority & fraternity on campus

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Let's bring a new sorority on campus. The ones we have area really awesome and a new one will only help our Greek System!!!

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#1  by: 2 would be nice   

I would like Delta Zeta and Sigma Kappa.
I think they would really work well and support our Greek System. All the sororities would become stronger.

By: 2 would be nice
by: ^Feb 1, 2014 11:21:57 AM


By: ^
by: VOTE!Feb 22, 2017 6:14:31 PM

So get your acts together and open for expansion already!

#2  by: would love it   

Would love to add on to men and women

By: would love it
#3  by: ^   

Let's bring the fraternity Theta Xi!

By: ^
#4  by: My Choice   

Phi Mu has a wonderful sisterhood and a strong philanthropy.

By: My Choice
by: yeahFeb 8, 2015 10:56:39 AM

they would work.

By: yeah
by: phiJul 11, 2017 2:02:42 AM

phi mu is strictly for established campus/greek organizations aka the SEC.

By: phi
#5  by: Agree   

For girls Sigma Kappa and Phi Mu would work. And for guys bring Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha

By: Agree
#6  by: NPC   

Has your campus/panhel decided to open for sorority expansion? Has the NPC been properly notified? Individual NPC groups decide whether they want to present for a colony, so sorry Sig Kap and Phi Mu may not even want to present so you may not get both/either. Good luck if you expand.

#7  by: new frat?   

So a new Frat Alpha Sigma Phi here? I think thats what its called. I see guys walking around with red booklets and pins. How did they start? How can I get more info?

By: new frat?
#8  by: SEC kid   

I went on this to see what kind of frats Alaska had and I'm a little disappointed lol. If you want good greek life, I would say Kappa Kappa Gamma and Chi Omega for sororities, and Phi Kappa Tau or Beta Theta Pi for fraternities.

By: SEC kid
#9  by: Oldest and best   

Bring on KAT…That is super strong national srat!

By: Oldest and best

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