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Anybody on the fence, you should rush. By: :)   Last Post:

Rush is the most fun time of the year. Can't...Read More

By: :)   Last Post:

Started: Nov 24, 2021 2:32:40 PM
You don't want to get on my bad side. heheh. By: heheh.   Last Post:

Because when you get on my bad side, that is...Read More

By: heheh.   Last Post:

Started: Nov 24, 2021 1:52:16 PM
Who Nipped My Post ? 😿 By: Jr. Srat KAT 😺   Last Post:

Must have been a frat rat. 🦡 Anyway, lets proceed with...Read More

By: Jr. Srat KAT 😺   Last Post:

Started: Oct 5, 2021 8:33:05 AM
Frat Boys and Sorority Girls of Greekrank: By: Freshman Guy   Last Post:

Which house are you in and why should we join...Read More

By: Freshman Guy   Last Post:

Started: Nov 24, 2021 10:10:13 AM
OMG Did you guys see what happened at OT??? By: Amogus   Last Post:

Dude was absolutely barking up the wrong tree and had...Read More

By: Amogus   Last Post:

Started: Nov 18, 2021 12:40:32 AM
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Reality rankings By: Reality   Last Post:

Top: Theta/Kappa Pi phi Lower top: Chi O/Tri Delt Mid: AXO Lower mid: DG Bottom: Gphi...Read More

By: Reality   Last Post:

Started: Nov 16, 2021 1:19:01 PM
Got kicked out of my first BYX party. Don't join them By: Don't go   Last Post:

I was protesting outside of their venue and handing out...Read More

By: Don't go   Last Post:

Started: Nov 22, 2021 9:20:48 AM
Kappa Sigma got mad at me... By: mpelelesnajriejajaillllas   Last Post:

They guys don't know how to have fun. I was...Read More

By: mpelelesnajriejajaillllas   Last Post:

Started: Nov 21, 2021 10:00:56 AM
Shame on Sigma Chi! By: Madame Broode   Last Post:

You guys think you can host a playboy bunny party,...Read More

By: Madame Broode   Last Post:

Started: Nov 20, 2021 8:27:57 PM
Why don't freshmen go to Milo's By: Joker   Last Post:

because they can't get in. ...Read More

By: Joker   Last Post:

Started: Nov 13, 2021 5:14:25 PM
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