Which Sorority has best house?


I'll be a freshman this upcoming year and I would like to rush. I am wondering how each house of the sororities look like and if they're on campus, and are new pledges allowed to move in?

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None of the sororities have houses

By: hi
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Hey girl! On the SFSU campus the sororities don’t have any houses, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go through recruitment :). Our Greek life here is just as lively and full of sisterhood compared to other schools! Good luck!!

By: Srat girl
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Housing market is terrible here. It is pretty much impossible to have houses for sororities and frats. There is barely enough parking. But SFSU is next to Park Merced which is like this weird unique looking apartment rental area. A lot of students live there and local families too. If anything that could be a frat house.

By: Jack

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