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Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority chapter comments at University of Kentucky - UK

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#1  by: :)   

This website is not accurate so please do not let it influence your perceptions of any sorority at UK.

By: :)
#2  by: in the know   

The Kappas are cool, down to earth girls who like each other and have fun. They do not get caught up in the bashing of others like other sororities. Remember it is individual people who make a sorority what it is.

By: in the know
#3  by: krazy   

kappas -- watch out these girls are really mean

By: krazy
#4  by: u.k.   

great girls and not sure why DG's are being mean//

By: u.k.
#5  by: pnm's   

everyone loves them and they were ranked number 1 all year long by students at U.K. and right before rush, these silly sorority girls start bashing because the PNM'S list came out and people think they will base their decision on this website, get real.

By: pnm's
#6  by: pnms   

judge for yourself, but be careful with these girls

By: pnms
#7  by: PNM'S   

Each sorority at UK is unique and can offer the PNM's something special; being part of a sorority means having a sisterhood to belong to. Just because a house is considered 'top tier' doesn't mean that you will be happy there, the whole rush process is about finding which house you fit into. Keeping an open mind during rush week is extremely important; a house you thought you might love prior to rush week might end up being last on your list by the end of the open house days and vice versa, you might end up absolutely loving a house you had never considered. Trust your own judgement of whether or not you would fit in at a specific house.

#8  by: PNM'S   

KKG is too classy to get on here and have 30 sisters post all 5's like the other houses. Can't you see that. Good house, nice girls who are too classy to care so much what DG and Theta think.

#9  by: PNMs   

other house can rate themselves without knocking other houses, obviously Kappa cannot do that. Read the comments and get a feel for what these girls are like. SCARY

By: PNMs
#10  by: PNM'S   

nice house, good girls. KKG is not bashing anyone. Don't believe anything you read on here. Sweet girls.


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