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by: Kev

So PKT was the last to recolonize how hard is it to start a fraternity and keep it running?

Posted By: Kev
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#1  by: IFC   

Kev, to answer your question, to have a successful fraternity to function at WPU takes the following....
1. Good Leadership Skills
2. Good Operational Structure
3. Good Organizational Skills
4. A positive membership development process
5. Involvement in campus events (SAPB, Intramurals, etc.)
6. Yearly sponsored philanthropic events
7. Good to excellent GPA
8. Compliance to all WPC policies and Inter/National policies
9. Emphasis on men being gentlemen (complying with the code of conduct)
10. Attending all leadership conferences sponsored by WPU Greek Life, NIC and the Inter/National fraternity.

A fraternal organization needs to be proactive in what I mentioned above. What you DO NOT want to create is a "Party/Drinking Club" full of losers. I will tell you that this will NOT last very long at WPU and/or on any college/university campus.

Also, talk with the Greek life office and see what are the requirements for a new fraternity to get started. They may even have a list of inter/National Fraternity that are interested in starting at WPU. WPU has had a lot of fraternities that operated successfully during the 80's & 90's. Most of them had to close due to the Rush Recession of the late 90's and early 2000. I do know that ZBT, TEP and KDP did have successful chapters on campus with a large alumni contacts. You may want to check them out and see would they still be interested in recolonizing at WPU. If so, Great. Good Luck!!!

by: NPCAug 10, 2014 5:31:12 PM

I would agree with the above comment from IFC. Good Leadership, organizational and communication skills are the key elements to any organization to be successful, whether it be Greek or non-Greek. I would reach out to the Greek Life Office and see what fraternity(s) have expressed interest in forming a new colony. Please keep in mind that our Greek Community at WPU is small and they many top fraternities if any may not be impressed with WPU. I would also take IFC's advice and look into the fraternities that did have successful chapters at WPU in the past (Alpha Sig, ZBT, TEP). These fraternities do have an alumni base tied to WPU that can offer assistance in forming a new colony and they may even be interested in re-colonizing their former chapters.


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