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Kev, to answer your question, to have a successful fraternity to function at WPU takes the following.... 1. Good Leadership Skills 2. Good Operational Structure 3. Good Organizational Skills 4. A positive membership development process 5. Involvement in campus events (SAPB, Intramurals, etc.) 6. Yearly sponsored philanthropic events 7. Good to excellent GPA 8. Compliance to all WPC policies and Inter/National policies 9. Emphasis on men being gentlemen (complying with the code of conduct) 10. Attending all leadership conferences sponsored by WPU Greek Life, NIC and the Inter/National fraternity. A fraternal organization needs to be proactive in what I mentioned above. What you DO NOT want to create is a "Party/Drinking Club" full of losers. I will tell you that this will NOT last very long at WPU and/or on any college/university campus. Also, talk with the Greek life office and see what are the requirements for a new fraternity to get started. They may even have a list of inter/National Fraternity that are interested in starting at WPU. WPU has had a lot of fraternities that operated successfully during the 80's & 90's. Most of them had to close due to the Rush Recession of the late 90's and early 2000. I do know that ZBT, TEP and KDP did have successful chapters on campus with a large alumni contacts. You may want to check them out and see would they still be interested in recolonizing at WPU. If so, Great. Good Luck!!!
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