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by: Panic

It's almost time for spring rush for all of us eager freshman girls. I have seen a lot of the different things each sorority does on campus. I have met girls from different houses, attended some organizations and events and even made an effort to get out socially and talk to some girls at parties. Now that it's almost time I am freaking out. They say that rush week is hell but I feel like it's much more than that. I'm open-minded to every sorority on campus and I think each of them have their own unique qualities. However, I have a feeling that none of them have an interest in me. They follow certain girls on their instagram pages and they typically invite only certain girls to certain events. My thing is that this is my chance to join greek life and be apart of it. It want to feel just as included as any other girl. None of the sororities have reached out or given me a chance. My pi chi can't answer my questions and I feel like I can't talk to my pi chi's because I know that they are affiliated with a house and they could tell their house about how I feel and what I ask them and that could affect my bid chance. Also I hear so many negative things about each house and how they treat their sisters like crap. I also ask PNM about rush and they say they know they are getting a bid a certain house. People say trust the system but I'm all about the genuine meaning behind a sisterhood. It's not about parties or reputations. It's about being sisters and feeling like you're home.

Posted By: Panic
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#1  by: Panhel Love   

Don’t worry yourself too much. Formal recruitment is the best opportunity for you to get to know each chapter and them to get to know you. Go into the week with an open mind and everything will happen like it’s meant to. Ask questions along the way, that’s why you have Pi Chis and Panhellenic Exec. Remember that it’s a mutual selection system so they’re ranking you as you rank them. Trust the process.....again...Trust. The. Process. Remember that they’re looking for their future sisters as well as you’re looking for your home. Sisterhood is for life not four years so stay true to the group you see yourself in best. Don’t focus on the letters, you join the sisters first then the letters. Trust the process, have an open mind and all will work out.

By: Panhel Love

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