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by: SC Gal

So I was wondering when recruitment starts. Someone told me that Greeks do it in just the spring and another person said they do it in the fall and spring. So which is it? Second, I'm an out-of-state student and I am really interest in Greek life at western. I just want to know how involved Greek life is on campus.

Posted By: SC Gal
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#1  by: sorority   

Hi! Formal recruitment is in the Spring! Informal is in the Fall. Not all sororities have a fall pledge class, but some do. In order to rush in the fall you have to have at least one semester and a certain amount of credits under your belt. Greek life at WCU is AMAZING. You will love it for sure! Everyone is very close and we all get a long. Very involved as well.

By: sorority
by: SC galJun 1, 2016 5:22:05 PM

So if I do the ASP program during the summer, would that qualify me as having enough credits to do informal rush? Do you know which sororities do informal rush in the fall?

By: SC gal

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