Do people ever get dropped by all sororities before preference? If so, how do they let the girls know they’ve been released?

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You’ll get schedules back from your recruitment councilor every day, and if a house isn’t on the list, it means you’re dropped. You can get dropped for grades or if you don’t have a strong connection with the house, but you’re most likely not going to get dropped from every house. The only way you can is if you don’t list every house when you select houses you want to go back to. If you reach preference and the houses you listed drop you, your recruitment counselor will let you know you have been dropped. You can always still go through informal recruitment!

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It is possible, but it rarely happens. It’ll usually only happen if you are negative or rude to a woman in a house, or if you have a significantly low high school GPA. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be okay!!

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Keep in mind that if you have a negative attitude at any house, that will get relayed to houses you may be wanting and could potentially risk your chance of getting a bid. Everything you say during this process, negatively and positively, will be very important so think what you say before chapter chatting.

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You won’t get dropped, but if you don’t have a connection with people in the house/s that you get back, you are able to drop and then go through informal recruitment! Rejection does suck, but trust me it is okay and there is always informal recruitment.

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