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Best frat party at KU? By: Solid8   Last Post:

What is the biggest frat bash of the year? Would...Read More

By: Solid8   Last Post:

Started: Oct 19, 2019 12:02:51 AM
New neighbors? By: F   Last Post:

Is anyone moving into pikes old house? ...Read More

By: F   Last Post:

Started: Aug 28, 2019 7:22:47 PM
Is sigma chi facing trouble? By: Girl   Last Post:

Is Sig Chi going to get kicked off? I...Read More

By: Girl   Last Post:

Started: Oct 14, 2019 9:44:54 PM
poll icon imagePOLL: Who uses Greek Rank at KU By: Intern   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: Intern   Last Post:

Started: Oct 17, 2019 6:11:37 PM
Real Frat Ranking - FINAL By: kristen   Last Post:

you can't disagree with these rankings. The top 3 are...Read More

By: kristen   Last Post:

Started: Oct 10, 2019 6:43:34 PM
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3 toughest houses to get bids By: Pnm   Last Post:

What are the 3 toughest houses (fraternity and sorority) to...Read More

By: Pnm   Last Post:

Started: Aug 7, 2019 11:59:11 PM
Which sorority is on the rise? By: GreekLife   Last Post:

Which sororities do you think are in the rise and...Read More

By: GreekLife   Last Post:

Started: Oct 14, 2019 2:57:22 PM
Actual Fraternity Rankings Unbiased By: intheknow   Last Post:

1. Sig Chi 2. Phi Delt 3. Beta 4. Fiji 5. Phi Psi 6. Sig...Read More

By: intheknow   Last Post:

Started: Oct 15, 2019 8:51:43 AM
poll icon imagePOLL: Is AXO becoming a top house? By: lol   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: lol   Last Post:

Started: Oct 15, 2019 5:15:55 PM
Sorority Ranks??? By: who   Last Post:

What are the ranks here for sororities ...Read More

By: who   Last Post:

Started: Oct 15, 2019 10:24:34 AM
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