Honestly, how intense is the hazing/ rush process for each sorority? I'm transferring from an intense greek college where hazing is said to be prohibited... but it's really bad. Whats the real deal here?

Posted By: Worried PNM
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I know from at least my sorority and the sororities of a few friends, hazing has NEVER been an issue! Every school says it's prohibited, but we take it very seriously and never allow it. You have no reason to worry, so GO Greek!

By: No worries!

You have nothing to worry about!! My sorority, along with others, would never consider hazing a new member/ sister EVER. GO GREEK. You won't regret it :)

By: sororityty

I'll be honest with you since apparently nobody else will tell the truth on here: YES sororities haze here, if that bothers you then don't go through recruitment. Hazing is all part of the game, it's a right of passage if you will. Don't let it scare you away though....just be prepared to have some fun ;) xoxo

By: hottietottie

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"Hottie Tottie" was obviously just written in hopes of making a certain sorority look bad, which is classy on their part.. Not. As a part of a sorority here at UNCW, I can honestly say hazing has never ever been an issue. The worst thing I went through was getting a weeks worth of gifts during Big/Little week. ;)

By: BS
by: uncw   

pretty sure half of "xoXO" got kicked out by nationals for hazing. and also for another incident I don't need to mention. sooooo if you're in "xoXO", stop lying to the PNMs.

By: uncw
by: haha   

I'm assuming you mean chi o?! ^^^ come on!!! we only hazed one time!!!

By: haha
by: To uncw   

Stop making things up. The only reason nationals came was because chi o had bad luck.. Something that could happen to any girl in any sorority. A house full of TWENTY ONE YEAR OLDS had people over to drink which they are LEGALLY ALLOWED TO DO and a random boy that no one knew showed up drunk and fell. That's it. It's actually pathetic that random

By: To uncw
by: To uncw   

People like you actually believe that chi o hazes. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Many sorority girls attempt to use this fabrication as a way to make their sorority look better. It doesn't. Your remarks are completely false and immature. Grow up and focus on your own sorority, and yourself.

By: To uncw
by: to hm   

i was saying they talk about it during recruitment you idiot. i know for a fact several sororities have tried to use this during recruitment. since every other person besides any member in chi o is convinced, i would love to hear some examples of how they haze...... so pathetic

By: to hm

you will be hazed. and you will be hazed hard.

By: uh

I can honestly say I didn't experience any hazing while in a sorority at UNCW! Go Greek! You won't regret it!!

By: GreekGirl

I have a friend who SHOULD go greek, but she is terrified that all sororities haze. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I'm sorry that some of these people are claiming to haze, in which case, I feel so bad for them. My sorority and some others DO NOT HAZE. Going Greek was never anything negative for me. I was treated so well, given anything I needed, spoiled rotten, asked if I need a ride any where, showered with Big Little presents, texted daily about hanging out with older sisters, and so much more. I'm still treated so well now as a sister and I make sure that our new members receive the same treatment, if not better, than when I was a new member.

If the sorority you joined does haze, I'm sorry, but that should not be grouped with other sororities who truly do not haze, and in fact, do the complete opposite.

To PNMs, if you are hazed, drop that sorority so fast. Its not worth your time when you could have real sisters who actually live by their ritual and beliefs.


By: woah

If you want the truth 1 in 3 sororities hazes at UNCW, but it won't be very intense at all and most of it reallly isn't that bad!!

By: greek

chi o hazes

By: hm

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