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I have a friend who SHOULD go greek, but she is terrified that all sororities haze. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I'm sorry that some of these people are claiming to haze, in which case, I feel so bad for them. My sorority and some others DO NOT HAZE. Going Greek was never anything negative for me. I was treated so well, given anything I needed, spoiled rotten, asked if I need a ride any where, showered with Big Little presents, texted daily about hanging out with older sisters, and so much more. I'm still treated so well now as a sister and I make sure that our new members receive the same treatment, if not better, than when I was a new member. If the sorority you joined does haze, I'm sorry, but that should not be grouped with other sororities who truly do not haze, and in fact, do the complete opposite. To PNMs, if you are hazed, drop that sorority so fast. Its not worth your time when you could have real sisters who actually live by their ritual and beliefs. GO GREEK
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