rushing as a sophmore

by: rushgrl

I did formal rush this year with any recs or knowing anyone in any of the sororities at auburn. I only had one party on pref day (up until then I had had a decent amout), and it was with literally the only sorority that I had felt not at all at home during the week. I wanted to withdraw but my phi chi convinced me to stick it out, and I got a bid from them. Went to bid night and still felt totally uncomfortable there, so I dropped out. If I have good grades, am involved, and get recs, along with the fact that I now have friends in many sororities, what are my chances if i rush again next year?

Posted By: rushgrl
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#1  by: Curiuos   

I would be curious to know how many sophomores went thru Rush this year and how many got a bid.

By: Curiuos
#2  by: rushgrl   

to clarify, I am a freshman... I was wondering my chances if i rushed again next year, as a sophmore

By: rushgrl
#3  by: Curious   

I understand. I think to help answer your question it would be interesting to learn how many sophomores went thru this year and were successful.

By: Curious
#4  by: Agree   

I think it would be interesting to know that, too. Auburn didn't have an upperclassmen quota this year, but on one of the threads over at Greek Chat, an alum who saw the bid lists said there were many upperclassmen who did get them. She didn't know how many upperclassmen had registered, so couldn't give an overall percentage, but said she did see a good many names that she knew were those of non-freshmen. Still, there were definitely more freshmen getting them, as you'd expect. In really competitive recruitments like in the SEC, it's usually tougher for sophomores, so just know going in that it might limit your options some.

Honestly, I think what might be a bigger issue is the depledging. I know at a lot of schools, it often doesn't work out when someone tries to re-rush after depledging a sorority on that same campus. Don't let that stop you from trying, tho, especially since you now have friends in sororities who can fight for you. Of course, good grades will be important and you'll definitely need to get recs. Another thing you should consider is getting involved in other things this year, hopefully ones where you'll meet even more sorority members. It's a plus for upperclassmen if they can show they're already plugged in and involved on campus. Good luck to you!

By: Agree
#5  by: Soph   

I know one soph who pledged a sorority that

By: Soph
#6  by: rushgrl   

thanks for the input! I would much rather do cob, and I have an upperclassman friend that offered to talk to her president about me getting a bid through cob, but I don't think I am allowed to accept another bid since I was offered one through formal rush. does anyone know about this?

By: rushgrl
#7  by: Panhel   

rushgrl....check with office of greek life/panhellenic on the rules. if you accepted a bid and de -pledged...you may have to wait one year.

By: Panhel

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