by: Candy

Just finished rush and it was not the best week. By the end of the week I was going to lots of parties but not the sororities I liked. Day by day I was cut from the ones I liked and yes the so-called top tier. But the system and computer forces you to maximize the invitations if you have open slots even if you don't care for those sororities. My Pi Chi kept encouraging me to keep going and trust in the system. I continued and went to 3 pref parties but I only felt comfortable in one. Again I was told not to suicide and maximize my chances. I did not get the one I liked and now I'm in a group I don't feel is right for me. Again I'm being told to give it a chance but why? This group is not for me and I think I will need to drop out. For those of you that want to tell me to try, did you get your choice? As nice as these girls may be, I don't think they are like me and I find myself in a bad situation. This was supposed to be a happy day but it's awful

Posted By: Candy
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#1  by: girlie   

This is so true. You can only get a decent bid if you have a strong family legacy or if your parents have money. Been there . A lot of girls already know what top sorority they will get prior rush it is all a joke an a money maker with a lot of rude rich girls .Hang in there.

By: girlie
#2  by: No!   

I was not a legacy and I do not come from a family with tons of money, yet I am a member of one of the sororities this silly site ranks as a top sorority. It is not all about legacies and money. I don't know why you were not invited back to your favorites, but I know that the sorority that gave you a bod see something i. You that fits their sisterhood. I am sorry you are not feeling it at this point. Your PiChi is giving you the best advice. Give yourself time to get over the disappointment of this week before you make any decisions. One of my good friends was not happy with her bid last year. She gave the sorority a chance and is now glad she did. She couldn't imagine being in any other sorority. Stay with it ....you may have found your home and are clouded by the stress of the week.

By: No!
#3  by: TRUTH!   

Stick it out! My daughter was cut from the group she wanted and she was devastated. She cried all night, but she decided that if a certain group did not want her and others did, then she would try to find one that she liked and hoped that they would keep her. She kept all that she wanted and pledged a group that she ended loving making wonderful friends. Do not give up! All the groups have fantastic girls and I guarantee you'll be happy you stayed and gave them a chance!

#4  by: 100% agree   

Very well said- 2 previous posts. Please give the sorority a chance- they wanted YOU.
Good luck!

By: 100% agree
#5  by: Candy   

But you're telling me to settle for something less. I think its patronizing for those that are happy in their sorority to tell you that this one group is good and for me to try. If it as so good why aren't you one. These girls may be nice but I see little in common. Some girls pledge just to pledge something but I think you need to love it and be excited to pledge. I don't know what happened but lots of beautiful girls were getting cut right and left. I don't understand why the push for girls to stay in and try out the sorority. I think I need to just drop out and focus on school, perhaps rush next year with a better understanding of what is best for me. It's not required to be in a sorority to have fun and have a social life.

By: Candy
by: Oh noAug 19, 2013 9:40:06 PM

Basically you are saying you are to pretty for the sorority.........so you know, sororities rank you as to who they like too just as you do. If you didn't get an invite back it was their choice. Could have been for any reason ie where you are from, grades and legacy. Your pi chi is there to encourage you because they know all sororities at au are wonderful. Had you been released versus dropping your bid offer, in either case trying to recruit again you would not get into what you call top tier anyway. You are right, you can join any social group and have fun. Au has many groups to join....of course they don't usually get to go to frat parties hmmmm

By: Oh no
by: DoSep 11, 2013 10:26:10 AM

The sorority that decided to waste its time, resources and confidence on you a favor and drop. You sound like a really pretentious unpleasant person, and there's no point wasting time on convincing you.

By: Do
#6  by: Clouded   

I'm not sure if your judgement is being clouded by stress, exhaustion, and disappointment or if you are just spoiled and expected the sororities to bow to you because you walked in the room. ALL of the sororities at Auburn look for girls who are sweet, kind, caring, and intelligent. Your last post demonstrates none of those qualities. Believe me you need these sisters who see something in you. Check yourself and gives these girls you think are less than you a chance. You may find they can offer you things you are lacking.

By: Clouded
#7  by: Oh   

You can return your bid but just think of the girl who got the call on bid day morning and didn't recieve a bid. The sororities all have similarities and there will be girls in every sorority that could be your future bridesmaids. Maybe you had this image of your top sorority in your head and are thinking that this other sorority is on a lower tier when in reality all the sororities are wonderful. I always tell girls that every sorority has something to offer them because its the truth.

By: Oh
#8  by: Hope it turned   

out okay with the poster. I just wanted to add to the discussion about dropping out because the girl did not get the group she wanted back. We have all heard stories of staying in and then finding happiness with a new group that perhaps one had not wanted, or thought about, to begin with. Important facts to consider, if a sorority cut you, then they passed on you. Look at others! I doubt that the favorite will ever pledge you since they didn't want you during rush. Question is, "Why would you still want a group that did not want you?" Life is full of surprises and upsets, it's a lesson in learning how to grow up. If you don't want any other group, then drop out, but don't look sad when you see other girls doing fun things with their sororities. You had a chance. It's your decision and if you can't imagine being in anything else..then don't pledge. There are plenty of girls who are not in a sorority and are perfectly happy.

By: Hope it turned
#9  by: Confused   

Why is everyone suggesting that they give it a try and stay. When you go through rush you are looking for a good fit. I agree with her that every sorority has its own personality and it sounds like at the end of the week she found herself invited to sororities that were not her. She was encouraged to not drop and she is obviously confused. She doesn't sound spoiled at all but hurt and confused. Some of us are lucky to get our choices; I can sympathize with someone that doesn't and is trying to work thru it. I know plenty of girls that dropped out, made friends, and rushed again the next year with a better understanding of where they belonged. I also know girls that dropped out after one or two years because they didn't ever really liked what they pledged. No one wins in those cases.

By: Confused
by: I thinkSep 11, 2013 10:36:10 AM

She should drop because she's just a wasted bid for whatever house she's in. I'm sorry, but there isn't anything likable about her from her various posts. She's under the impression she's better than the other members, so frankly she's a detriment to her house. She can go join the superior ΓΔΙ, I hear they have great dorm parties.

By: I think
#10  by: Honey   

This is the SEC... It is almost impossible to rush as sophomore after dropping out the year before and having a better outcome. Uh uh. Not gonna happen. Make the best of what you have. You may be surprised at how happy you are.

By: Honey

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