sorority hazing?

by: latte

one of my friends said that sorority hazing at u of i is insane, is that true? do any sororities haze?

Posted By: latte
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#1  by: 208bae    

Sororities at UI unfortunately do haze-some but not all. From my experience in the Greek system, top houses feel they have something to prove and haze their freshman into drinking ect. It isn’t the type of thing detected in movies, but I would say that it is definitely an issue worth adressing In all honestly no member would ever tell you that their house hazes but once you are in the Greek system it is clear who does and doesn’t.

By: 208bae
by: shhhhSep 1, 2019 5:58:53 PM

In my sorority I never got hazed, it was used as a joke. I do know some do and the one I was in is a top 5 house. I honestly could never tell if any of the sororities actually got hazed. Ever since SAE shut down people were more quiet about hazing or don’t do it as much in sorority life.

By: shhhh

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