Lambda new house

by: pnm

I heard lambda was building a new house, is that still happening?

Posted By: pnm
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#1  by: maybe   

they're raising money for it so probably within the next 2-4 years

By: maybe
by: NahDec 12, 2022 3:17:23 AM

Lame-dubs will never get their new house. It’s all bs like their self rankings on here

By: Nah
#2  by: Crocks n socks   

They’ve been using this as their main recruitment pitch since 2018….

By: Crocks n socks
#3  by: Sorority Star   

They have been #1 fraternity for decades, after they complete their new home I hope they leave some crumbs for the other fraternities because every rushee will make Lambda their goal

By: Sorority Star
by: FrattyJan 26, 2023 11:34:26 PM

99.99% of rushees already have Lambda as their goal, unfortunately they are also the most selective and 90% of rushees have to go with their 2,3,4th choices.

By: Fratty
#4  by: Yes. It’s confirmed.    

You can see the architect/info here along with other OSU house projects etc. go to Pennington and Company for Greek projects. Penningtonco \n\n\n\n\n

By: Yes. It’s confirmed.
by: Broke asfDec 13, 2022 9:19:45 PM

Yeah but they’ve raised not even half in like 5 years

By: Broke asf
by: SororityviewDec 14, 2022 9:41:25 PM

It’s a massive house that accommodates 150

By: Sororityview
by: ActualFeb 24, 2023 9:04:22 AM

The details are provided to donors.

By: Actual
by: Truth hurtsMar 7, 2023 4:45:36 PM

I'm so glad you have capacity to an even number so everyone has a partner and no one needs beat off alone

By: Truth hurts
#5  by: the Internet   

Gang showers? Best way to meet guys

By: the Internet
by: SoapFeb 4, 2023 1:58:50 AM

Don’t drop the soap lame-duhs

By: Soap
by: alumniApr 4, 2023 9:45:52 PM

actually all the bedrooms will have en-suite bathrooms

By: alumni
#6  by: dirty Jimbo   

Can't wait for the new shower cam

By: dirty Jimbo
#7  by: Greek Expert   

In the last survey of fraternity rushees Lambda Chi was the#1 goal of 99% of rushees.

By: Greek Expert
#8  by: Greek Expert   

In the last survey of fraternity rushees Lambda Chi was the#1 goal of 99% of rushees.

By: Greek Expert
by: Lambda expertMay 5, 2023 10:15:44 PM

In the last survey of fraternity rushees, Lambda Chi does the elephant walk with each other

By: Lambda expert
#9  by: Talk about anyone else….   

Too much hate and negative vibes towards Lambda… anything or anyone else for a change???

By: Talk about anyone else….

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