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Frat Parties are not public By: Geed Alert   Last Post:

Frat Parties are not open to the public. Wanna...Read More

By: Geed Alert   Last Post:

Started: Oct 16, 2021 12:53:44 PM
Jump -winners/losers By: Panhellenic   Last Post:

Great job men. 400 new pledges. Since you...Read More

By: Panhellenic   Last Post:

Started: Oct 2, 2021 1:12:33 PM
Preference Night By: Frat star   Last Post:

Good luck tonight! Can’t wait to meet the new...Read More

By: Frat star   Last Post:

Started: Oct 10, 2021 8:59:49 PM
We are the #1 FIXER of all WiFi signals. Do you want By: WiFi Fixer   Last Post:

We are the #1 FIXER of all WiFi signals. Do...Read More

By: WiFi Fixer   Last Post:

Started: Oct 9, 2021 2:09:51 PM
Need a great wifi signal. Go from 1-2 bars to 5 bars By: Wifi   Last Post:

Need a great wifi signal. Go from 1-2 bars to...Read More

By: Wifi   Last Post:

Started: Oct 6, 2021 6:44:50 AM
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Greek Barbecue Turnout By: House   Last Post:

Would just like to remind all the pnms that the...Read More

By: House   Last Post:

Started: Sep 29, 2021 6:08:05 PM
Greek BBQ turnout By: Observer   Last Post:

Nice to see all the chapters who turned up for...Read More

By: Observer   Last Post:

Started: Sep 20, 2021 9:48:36 PM
IFC Recruitment By: Senior   Last Post:

So guys, how’s it going so far? Are you...Read More

By: Senior   Last Post:

Started: Sep 24, 2021 1:23:27 PM
Totals as reported by ifc By: Jump   Last Post:

300+ signs is approx half the number from the last...Read More

By: Jump   Last Post:

Started: Oct 5, 2020 8:29:27 PM
Phi Delt's rep? By: nqklspcpd   Last Post:

Seems like a lot of people disagree on whether phi...Read More

By: nqklspcpd   Last Post:

Started: Jul 30, 2021 3:07:09 AM
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