The truth behind rush 2021

by: Sorority Rankings

ADPI: the best group of girls, beautiful and kind.
KD: Not very into the theatrics of it all, I didn't even know that their color was green until I looked it up.
ZTA: Super christian, really quiet, very mysterious. LOVE JESUS.
TRI DELT: Partiers, the only issue (at least for me) is they never accept Jesus into their lives
KKG: A peppy squad, I never so a KAPPA without her SQUISHMALLOW and it is the most adorable!! They also go out a lot!!
CHI O: Completely themselves and not afraid to show a lil style, the tiktok's may look interested to begin with, but once you know them you know it is a very accepting group of girls.

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I loved Adpi, the best of the best then Kd. Did not like Zta or Tri Delt. I liked Kappa, even though they are the bottom of the barrel !

By: My opinion

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