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Tri Delt/ DG

ADPi and ZTA have similar groups they rush from. KD is a very specific type of girl. Chi O is nerdy and fun. Honestly, they are all pretty similar and any ranking will be biased. All of them have super sweet girls and you will be happy wherever you end up so don't sweat it.

Posted By: Tryingmybest
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pretty accurate

By: :0
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Zeta is not top in any way whatsoever

By: Furmz
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I agree chi o should be top with KD and Adpi but ZTA is still middle with dg and tridelt. whats really important though is that none of this really matters at Furman.

By: yoyohomies
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Zeta is not ranked that high.They had such a small pledge class this past year because they could not get girls. They are newer on campus and growing for sure, but it is insane that someone would think of them as top tier or above Tri Delt of Chi O.

By: You are kidding
by: Uh Aug 7, 2019 7:36:47 AM

Zeta is way above tri delt yikes
Maybe not top tier but above tri delt for sure

By: Uh
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Adpi/Kd are the only top. And Kd sucked last rush

By: Furman
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KD, ADPI, and Chi O are all top tier. They are all pretty different from each other though, so it just depends on who you mesh best with.

By: FU

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