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Chi O
Tri Delt, ZTA, DG

Adpi and KD are top, don't ask me why but they are. Chi O is right under them. Tri delt, ZTA, and DG are honestly on the same level and are all great, just really different! Tri Delt thinks they are up with Chi O but they aren't. ZTA is great but not better than Chi O, and DG has honestly stepped up and is doing really well.

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this is the most accurate ranking I have seen. i would maybe put zeta above tri delt and dg but below chi o

By: truuuu
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this ranking is based off typical southern sorority stereotypes. The more like the southern sororities stereotypes they are, the higher they are on this list

By: !!!
by: Try againFeb 18, 2019 9:23:44 PM

@!!! It’s obviously not. Tri Delt, Kappa and DG (in that order) are southern srat powerhouses and all are only meh here. ADPi and KD yes have that Southern rep, but ZTA and XO are strong nationally but not as hardcore Southern in terms of reputation.

By: Try again
by: fupoFeb 19, 2019 8:25:36 PM

@!!!!! that us spot on! those sororities towards the top look cooler and more like "what a sorority should be". I think @ try again misunderstood what you meant

By: fupo
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Lol none of these are accurate

By: Wuht

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