current sorority rankings spring 2024

by: real💅

Pike- cause theyre always #1
Adpi- boom boom
Aphi- cause they mix with pike
DG- geedee

KD- cause they mix with ksig
Aephi- idk
SDT- i forget

SK- for obvious reasons
Theta- moving up next sem fs
Tridelt- tridelt

Posted By: real💅
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#1  by: real💅   

if u disagree u don't know ball

By: real💅
#2  by: greekrankerr   

honestly yeah this is real and these reasons are real too

By: greekrankerr
#3  by: nah   

aephi>kd every day

By: nah
by: noballknowledgeApr 12, 2024 3:17:44 PM

this mf clearly does not know ball

By: noballknowledge
#4  by: ballball   

🏈 ball

By: ballball
#5  by: truth   

no and like exactly. rah rah etc

By: truth
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