Boston twea party

by: Anonymous

Theta chi house party had decent turnout + great theme. Trending up

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#1  by: geed   

stfu beta chi and get a charter first

By: geed
by: FroshSep 28, 2022 3:38:40 PM

In process of getting charter and will have shortly.
Either way, I doubt a good party was ruined by a temp lack of charter. Some weird comments in here

By: Frosh
by: sigep losersSep 29, 2022 12:37:33 PM

“theta chi” has been “in process of getting a charter” since two years ago. i dont think theta chi nationals is interested in starting the brickiest chapter known to man

By: sigep losers
#2  by: theta bi   

theta “no charter” chi went from mid frat in 2019 to aepi 2. absolute frosh sausagefest (they like it that way) please stfu you loser bricks

By: theta bi
#3  by: Lmao   

Duke doesn’t even have theta chi lmao

By: Lmao
#4  by: lmaooo    

Didn't even know u threw

By: lmaooo
#5  by: cap   


By: cap

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