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So you have to take a dump on campus, now what By: 007   Last Post:

Dont worry, keep your head high and walk right towards...Read More

By: 007   Last Post:

Started: Dec 5, 2023 7:15:08 PM
poll icon imagePOLL: What frat is gonna win rush (comment why) By: curious sr girl   Last Post:

...View Poll

By: curious sr girl   Last Post:

Started: Dec 4, 2023 9:08:28 AM
Am I addicted to jacking off!!!! By: Curios man   Last Post:

Oh no. I’ve got a problem on my hands (no...Read More

By: Curios man   Last Post:

Started: Dec 5, 2023 10:08:01 AM

(Ranked in order, this is just subjective and fair. Sorry...Read More

By: Unbiased   Last Post:

Started: Oct 7, 2023 9:31:53 AM
Duke LAX team is best frat By: truth seeker   Last Post:

People often leave them out of rankings, and this is...Read More

By: truth seeker   Last Post:

Started: Dec 4, 2023 1:43:46 PM
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more d sig parties By: party guy   Last Post:

No one talks about it, but everyone knows it,. Theres...Read More

By: party guy   Last Post:

Started: Dec 4, 2023 9:04:40 AM
KA can't throw By: KA Social   Last Post:

KA can't throw parties. Only thing they're good for is...Read More

By: KA Social   Last Post:

Started: Dec 2, 2023 6:00:51 PM
true ranks now adphi get off here By: h   Last Post:

snu/Ka Adphi Pike Ato Wayne Sig chi Pikapp Theta chi Ae pi...Read More

By: h   Last Post:

Started: Feb 22, 2023 2:46:02 PM
Duke basketball down the drain By: Kylefiliplousy   Last Post:

We lose to Georgia tech. First Elko takes away football...Read More

By: Kylefiliplousy   Last Post:

Started: Dec 2, 2023 5:38:59 PM
Rankings 2023 into fall23 By: Ranked   Last Post:

adphi Ka/snu (ka probs slight higher) Ato/pike (ato probs slight higher) Pikapp Sigchi...Read More

By: Ranked   Last Post:

Started: Jul 9, 2023 9:07:58 PM
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