What are the HOCO pairings this year

by: Hoco

Does anyone know the homecoming pairings this year ????

Posted By: Hoco
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#1  by: Hoco   

I want to know too

By: Hoco
#2  by: NOT CONFIRMED   

what i’ve heard so far:

sae & dg
sig ep & zta
beta & dz
ka & tri delt (rlly interesting??)
pi lam & axo (also interesting but i think pi lam’s sweetheart is in axo)

#3  by: A   

Adpi w sig chi
Aphi w theta chi

By: A
#4  by: uhh   

i heard pike & theta, which ik the pikes aren't happy about

By: uhh
#5  by: How?   

How are the pairings made? I figured the pikes would be with Zeta or ADPi. Who makes the assignments?

By: How?
by: girlSep 21, 2023 11:12:07 AM

idk good question

By: girl
#6  by: IFC   

HC pairings are not a big deal at FSU. They are a big deal at UF and UCF.

by: YepSep 21, 2023 7:05:36 PM

Truth. Most frats and sororities members do as little as possible.

By: Yep
#7  by: who decides?   

Do the sororities vote on who they wnat to be with?

By: who decides?
#8  by: E   

Agd x pike
Aoii x theta chi

Tke x zta
Beta theta pi x kd

By: E
#9  by: ???   

How do they make the Hoco pairings?

By: ???
#10  by: seriously   

Seriously, who makes the decisions? Do sororities court fraternities or vice versa? Who says XX fraternity can't be with YY sorority?

By: seriously

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